Black and White


It’s Sunday and I spent the  morning in the garden with the rest of the Community Crew getting ready for the Autumn planting. I’s a gorgeous day – sun shining, breeze blowing, big blue sky. But I couldn’t wait to get home to start another design challenge – this time set by The challenge is to design wrapping paper or gift cards for the Marks and Spencer Customer and to only use black and white.


To create this collection I used a range of blocks that I have cut out of  waste material that I scrounged from Reverse Art Truck. It’s perfect as it has one side that is adhesive and it sticks well to the various sized blocks that I have picked up about the place. I also use all sort of things I find around the house to create patterns and can spend hours stamping onto paper. Here is one of  blocks I used for the prints above and below. 

Noughtsandcrosses             allover            smallstripeything

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