Bangalore and beyond

It’s March…long time between posts and what a lot has happened….. I can only say I am relieved that 2013 is over. It was one of  the most challenging years I have ever had. It was full of sadness and loss –  on so many levels. But, in December I travelled to India to attend the  Samaanata Round Table which was the final leg of the  Sangam Project, another inspirational project initiated by Kevin Murray. ‘Samaanata’ means ‘equal respect’ in Sanskrit and other Indian languages.  What a joy Samaanaata was ! I met some extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things undertaking creative projects that engage communities on a range of different levels. There was such  positivity and enthusiasm amongst the participants who were keenly interested in creating collaborative partnerships, developing hand made craft items and  then finding a way to get them to market.

Another highlight of visiting Bangalore was the opportunity to catch up with Graduates  NIFT Textile Design Diploma – Kakoli Das, Partho Sinha, Rakesh Kumar and Vani Kannan who I taught in Delhi in 2001. They are all successfully working as Textile Designers and it was great to share their experiences working in the industry…and with Kakoli exchanging ideas about Textile Design teaching practices.  So as I roll further into 2014 I look forward to having a creative, collaborative, sharing, engaging and enjoyable year as I return to teaching  textile design… I think it will be so much more fun.


Painted wall ( above) in the Tipu Sultan’s Palace Bangalore  looks very similar to this wall  a chapel on a hill side on southern Spain near Jerez de la FronteraImage


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